Classic Pitcher & Bowl - Horsehair - Medium

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Before the advent of in house plumbing, no bedroom was complete without a wash bowl and pitcher. In the 1800 an the early 1900 it remained a standard fixture. 

John has created these pieces of art with both inlaid carvings and each piece is unique.  They come as a set, the pitcher is 7" tall and 7 1/2" wide, the bowl is 12.5" wide and stands 3" high. Their total weight is a little over 4.5 pounds. 

This set are in either "Horsehair Pottery" or "Horsehair & Spanish Moss Pottery". 

Horsehair Pottery

The inspiration for horsehair pottery is a modern continuation of the Apache tradition for honoring a fallen war horse. They believed this process kept the spirit of the horse always present. 

Only the finest porcelain is used to create his line of pottery. Every piece he creates is burnished two times, then hand polished and fluffed with a soft nylon cloth to a mirror finish. The pot is then bisque fired in preparation for the horsehair process at over 1800 degrees for seven to eight hours.

Each piece is then refired in an outdoor kiln and removed at 1,200 degrees.  At that precise moment the horsehair is laid on to the hot pottery piece - as the hair is consumed by the heat, it twists and curls. The carbon of the horsehair penetrates the pot with each piece becoming and original never to be duplicated again. Of all forms of pottery creating, horsehair may be the most unique - in combines not only the skill of the artist but also the unpredictable forces of nature. 

Each product can be shipped to locations around the world.