Pets & Friends

We all have that pet or horse that owns us. We bring this offer to our fellow pet owners and a way to remember them now and forever.

Using actual hair that you supply us, we will add it to the flame firing to embed it in the piece as a permanent part of this piece of art. We will also add horsehair to highlight the piece. We add horsehair to dog and cat’s pieces because their hair is so fine. 

How do we do this? Select the Pets & Friends tab then select the piece you would like and proceed to the checkout page. 

Once you have checked out, please send the hair in an envelope with the name of the pet or horse on the outside, along with your mailing address. We will match it up with your order.

Please mail  the sample and information to
Annie's Art Farm
446 Strange Road
Hodgenville, KY 42748

If you have any questions, or would like something special, please contact us at 

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