Patchwork Pots

The pottery piece is formed on a wheel in our studio, then fired at temperatures at 1800°F in an electric kiln. Using the electric kiln allows much easier access to the ware, and this process will take as long as 7-8 hours. 

Once temperature is reached, the incandescent pottery is allowed to cool. The piece is then shattered into multiple pieces; each piece is then fired using several different firing techniques, including Saggar fired with Spanish Moss, Horsehair, Pit firing, Raku and smoking.  

The pieces are then reassembled, which resembles a three dimensional jigsaw puzzle, and can take several days to finish.   

The next stage is accomplished with a flame driven kiln, and heated to over 1100 degrees. The incandescent pottery is place on a non-flammable surface (such as kiln shelf) and the selected hairs are draped onto it. The heat sears the hair and pulls the carbon reside into the clay becoming part of the piece. 

Once the piece has cooled completely, it is washed to remove residue. The piece is inspected again, hand polished and a sealing glaze is applied.

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