A President You Know

We just finished, well almost finished, electing a new president. I'll leave it right there. 

Here at Annie's we already have a favorite President, and his name would be Lincoln. Because I can almost see where he was born, I have become more and more interested in his life and times. Not to mention that there are still lots of relatives here in the Hodgenville area that have links back to his family. (Always have to be careful what you say, rumor has it that when he ran for President, he only received one vote from this county).  

Lincoln's Birthplace is fittingly part of the National Park System, and enjoys over 200,000 visitors annually. You will find the moment kind of jump out at you as you round the corner in the park, or at least it did me.  

We are now very happy to announce that our Lincoln Series of Horsehair Pottery is now being featured at the Lincoln Museum in Hodgenville. We think that if you are going to remember your visit here, that wouldn't it be better to have something that is truly a Kentucky made gift? Or if you have a student who is still interested in history, and can't find their pencil, we have the perfect solution.  

Because every famous person has to be involved in a conspiracy, here is the one about President Lincoln actually being a Tar Heel



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